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iPhone XI to Replace iPhone X in 2018

The iPhone X may have been Apple’s most significant flagship in recent years, but 2018’s lineup of iPhones is going to be no less important. Last year’s iPhone X flagship may have hinted where Apple is moving with the devices, but whatever handsets Apple releases in 2018 will likely solidify its smartphone ambitions. That’s particularly important since Apple is rumored to ... Read More »

WhatsApp Bids Adieu to BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone 8.0

WhatsApp is saying goodbye to several older mobile operating systems. The Facebook-owned chat app has announced plans to end support for BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8.0 and older, and Nokia S40 on Dec. 31. Users on these platforms can no longer create new accounts or re-verify existing ones. After Dec. 31, the app will stop working on these platforms altogether. WhatsApp ... Read More »

Amazon’s Lump of Coal for Music Uploaders (and Ways Around It)

Amazon gave a lousy Christmas present to its millions of Echo owners last week, as it cut off the ability to upload your own music to Amazon’s free locker, put a January 2019 expiration date on your existing locker, and set a limit of January 15, 2018 to upgrade to a plan that will let you keep uploading for one more year. This ... Read More »

Risks vary widely in drone-human impacts

New Virginia Tech research suggests there’s wide variation in the risk that unmanned aircraft pose to people on the ground. Many of the most promising applications for these aircraft — including package delivery, public safety, and traffic management — entail flights over people and raise the possibility, however unlikely, of an impact between the aircraft and a human. So before ... Read More »

It’s Too Late to Buy Apple AirPods Online For Christmas

Planning to buy someone you love a pair of expensive Apple AirPods for Christmas? We have some bad news: if you haven’t already placed your order for the $159 wireless earbuds, you’ve waited too long because they’re now on back order until January. Here’s the deal: If you order AirPods from the official Apple Online Store now (for delivery or in-store pickup), the earliest ... Read More »

Drones that can almost see in the dark

UZH researchers have taught drones how to fly using an eye-inspired camera, opening the door to them performing fast, agile maneuvers and flying in low-light environments. Possible applications could include supporting rescue teams with search missions at dusk or dawn. To fly safely, drones need to know their precise position and orientation in space at all times. While commercial drones ... Read More »

Turbocharging engine design

For scientists and engineers, the process of improving the performance of engines and fuels feels a bit like driving on a one-lane highway. They must often develop and test their designs and prototypes one at a time, which slows the pace of innovation. Computers can accelerate the process by simulating how fuels and engine designs affect performance and emissions. Yet ... Read More »

Hunting for the finest droplet

Modern passenger airplanes already consume less than three liters fuel per one hundred kilometers and passenger. At the University Technology Centre of Rolls-Royce, scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are currently working on further improving this value. In addition, engineers plan to optimize the combustion process such that exhaust gas emission is reduced considerably. For this purpose, they use ... Read More »

1 in 3 IT Professionals Is Looking for a New Job: Spiceworks

One in three IT professionals is planning to leave his or her job in 2018, according to the “2018 IT Career Outlook,” a new report from Spiceworks. Although 70 percent of respondents say they are satisfied with their jobs, 63 percent told Spiceworks that they’re underpaid. The median annual salary for IT pros is $60,000, which is about $14,000 more ... Read More »

How Dr. Wendy Ju Designs Robots That Won’t Freak You Out

If we’re going to coexist with our silicon cousins, a deep understanding of how humans interact with machines needs to be explored. This is Dr. Wendy Ju’s area of expertise. As Executive Director of Interaction Design Research at Stanford’s Center for Design Research, she studies how design affects our interaction with robots, which she has applied in the practical realm as ... Read More »

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