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New Low-Cost MacBook to Run on Older Processors Due to Intel Delays

Apple’s rumored lower-cost MacBook device could use an older Intel chip than initially forecasted, according to a new report. Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News reported that the entry-level MacBook device would run on Intel’s eight-generation Kaby Lake Refresh processors, which were first released back in 2017. EDN cites repeated delays of Intel’s Cannon Lake chips as the reason for using the Kaby Lake series. ... Read More »

How to Easily Convert Video Files to Other Formats on a Mac for Free

Although a range of video formats are supported by macOS, there are certain popular formats that cannot be played by Mac’s default video player software, QuickTime Player. For instance, it cannot play videos of MKV format and in such cases, users have to turn to third-party softwares, such as VLC, to play unsupported videos. Moreover, you might want to transfer a ... Read More »

macOS 10.13.5 beta 3 now available for developers

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Facebook Starts Demoting ‘Engagement Bait’ Posts

Facebook may be used by billions of people, but the content posted isn’t always of the highest quality, and that remains true even when you discount the fake news the social network is trying to stamp out. But steps are being taken to improve content with the latest focus being “engagement bait.” Facebook’s Henry Silverman, Operations Integrity Specialist and Lin Huang, ... Read More »

Stevie Wonder’s vision restored, O.J. Simpson’s hookers, and Hugh Hefner didn’t have to die, in this week’s tabloids

Stevie Wonder can see again, the Las Vegas killer joined a cult before the massacre, and Tom Petty could have been saved, according to this week’s fact-distanced tabloids. How wrong can the tabloids get? Having killed off country music star Loretta Lynn months ago, the Globe now reports “Loretta Lynn is back from dead!” Less than five months after a supposedly fatal ... Read More »

Zuckerberg sets a giant goal for virtual reality, but without a timeline

That’s about 13 percent of the world’s population. Zuckerberg threw out that goal as he opened the Oculus developers conference on Wednesday. He talked about using virtual reality to create jobs for people who live in areas where there is less economic opportunity than areas such as San Francisco, because being virtually present would, in theory, eliminate the need for ... Read More »

The Google Drive app for PC and Mac is being shut down in March

The aging Google Drive app for desktop is officially deprecated as of today, Google announced in a blog post. Support will be cut off on December 11th and the app will shut down completely on March 12th, 2018. Users who are still running the Drive app will start seeing notifications in October that it’s “going away,” and the company will steer ... Read More »

VR company Upload settles sexual harassment lawsuit

San Francisco-based virtual reality startup UploadVR, which is now going by Upload, settled a sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit yesterday with its former employee. Anonymous sources told TechCrunch that the lawsuit ended, which Upload later confirmed in a statement. No further details about the settlement were provided. The lawsuit was filed this past May in California by Elizabeth Scott, formerly the director of digital and ... Read More »

This Is How Cats Conquered The World And Became Our Feline Overlords

In modern-day society, we value cats for their grumpiness, the way they resent everything we try to do for them, and the fact they only want our attention when we’ve finally fallen asleep. But in ancient society, cats couldn’t rely on their charming personalities to win favour with humans, and instead had to follow a long road to becoming the domesticated fluffers ... Read More »

This might just be the politest computer hack ever

According to newspaper coverage and stock photo libraries (see above), hackers are shadowy, often hooded, are probably sat in the dark for some reason and are almost always in weirdly close proximity to one of those weird green Matrix computers that nobody actually owns. They’re not often depicted as kind-hearted good samaritans. But if this billboard hack at the Liverpool One shopping ... Read More »

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