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Creative Halo is a Bluetooth speaker with integrated light-show

The Bluetooth 4.2 wireless speaker has an eight hour battery life, built-in speakerphone and 12 light patterns you can remotely control. Who doesn’t love a good rainbow? The Ancient Greeks thought they were the path of a messenger deity Iris; In Norse Mythology – and the recent Marvel films – a rainbow called the Bifröst bridges the gap between gods and humans. Aborigines ... Read More »

What Sears’ recent troubles could tell us about Amazon’s future

Sears has been having severe financial challenges as of late. Its stock has dropped dramatically, and it’s closing many of its Kmart and Sears stores. In fact, there is speculation it may not survive. While many of the problems may have been self-inflicted by not changing with the times, the situation does give us a potential window into where Amazon ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Edge browser is pretty dull

I recently saw an article where someone spent a week using Microsoft Edge, the company’s struggling web browser that can’t get out of single-digit usage. After a quick glance, I decided to stop reading because I would do a similar experiment and did not want to be influenced by that author’s experience. I had planned on going a week. I ... Read More »

The real meaning of a merged channel strategy

There has been a wide range of thoughts about the meaning of physical store closings, coming from some major retail thinkers and various major media news outlets. But the underlying assumptions in almost all of these arguments are flawed. They cast physical stores and online sites as distinct entities, even rivals. The reality, though, is that these “rivals” are in ... Read More »

Facebook’s new ad policies are aimed at stamping out discriminatory advertising

Facebook is continuing its efforts to ensure nobody uses its tools to create biased ads that exclude people based on a number of factors, such as race, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation. On Wednesday, the company announced it is updating its ad policies to make its existing prohibiting of discrimination even stronger. Additionally, it is testing an automated system that ... Read More »

Report: Apple Watch’s record quarter generated near 80% of total smartwatch revenue in Q4 w/ estimated 6M units

Apple doesn’t break out its Apple Watch numbers when it reports device sales and revenue each quarter, but it did say during the fiscal Q1 earnings call the wearable hit record numbers for both units and revenue during the important holiday period. The latest report from research firm Canalys today puts estimates of Apple Watch sales at around 6 million units ... Read More »


Audi has announced that select 2017 Audi A4, Q7 and allroad models (built after June 2016) will be able to communicate with Wi-Fi-enabled traffic lights that can inform drivers when red lights will turn green. Traffic Light Information, an Audi connect PRIME feature, was first announced in August; the automaker demonstrated the technology at a Las Vegas launch event this ... Read More »

Apple shares four holiday-themed ads for Apple Watch Series 2 on YouTube

Over the weekend, Apple shared four new ads holiday-themed ads for the Apple Watch. The ads originally debuted last month, but only hit Apple’s YouTube channel this weekend. The ads are shorter in style, coming in at between 10 to 15 seconds in length. The first ad is entitled “Go Play” and depicts the Apple Watch Sport being unboxed and worn ... Read More »

Best VPN for iOS: How to get US Netflix on iPhone & iPad

Surfing the web on a public WiFi can be dangerous business, opening your iPhone or iPad up to spying eyes. To avoid that, you could use a VPN to stay private and anonymous. A VPN also hides your location online, which can allow you to access blocked content and blocked sites such as US Netflix when you are in the ... Read More »

Win! A Sony Xperia XZ Worth $999

In case you hadn’t heard, we’re giving away three $999 flagship Sony Xperia XZ phones on Gizmodo this week. Want to win one? Here’s how you do that. We’re going to be running this little competition until Monday 12PM, so you’ve got three more days to put together a well-considered, thoughtful, emotion-evoking response to our question: in 25 words or ... Read More »

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