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iOS 9 reportedly focuses on under-the-hood upgrades

If you feel that Apple is upgrading iOS a little too quickly, you’re not alone — there areconcerns (if sometimes overstated) that it’s focusing too much on interface revampsand extensions over making things work well. There may be relief in sight, however. Sources for the historically reliable 9to5Mac claim that iOS 9 will have a “huge” emphasis on behind-the-scenes fixes and performance optimizations. That’s not to say there won’t ... Read More »

Apple cracks down on accessory makers to discourage leaks

Follow the Apple rumor cycle and you’ll notice that accessory makers play animportant role in leaks — some of them “borrow” factory blueprints to produce cases and other add-ons for iPhones and iPads that are still weeks away from launch. Well, the crew at 1 Infinite Loop is apparently fed up with these companies spoiling the surprise. Sources for 9to5Mac claim that Apple made key accessory ... Read More »

Here’s what you could buy with Apple’s $700 billion market cap

When we talk about a company’s market capitalization, it’s really just a jargon-y way of saying how much that company’s really worth. Say, for example, you wanted to buy a company the way you do a product in a shop, well, the market cap would be a great way of calculating that company’s price tag. As you may have heard, ... Read More »

Study says Android 4.0 and iOS 8 are most likely to crash your apps

Ever had the feeling that certain phone operating systems are more likely to crash your apps than others? It’s not just you. Crittercism has posted its latest breakdown of crash reports from about 20,000 apps, and it’s clear that certain operating systems aren’t as friendly as others. On Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is most likely to wreck your day; KitKat (4.4) is close ... Read More »

iOS games are about to get bigger and (hopefully) better

Not many apps hit iTunes’ 2GB file limit, but those that do tend to fall into a certain category (cough games). As a result, developers often must sacrifice graphics quality and effects for iOS titles, the exact problem we pointed out with the recent BioShockiOS release. But Apple has finally lifted that limit, and the max file size on iTunes titles is ... Read More »

This iPod prototype will set you back $4,495

Prices on classic iPods saw a bit of a spike once Apple silently put an axe in the beloved media player but you might need to take out a loan if you’re hoping to bring home this particular piece of Apple history. Currently up for bids on eBay is a supposed 4th generation iPod test unit, complete with its tracking stickers ... Read More »

Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 7/23-7/26

Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 7/23-7/26 iPod nano -A purple iPod Nano, vehicle registration and a citation were stolen overnight from an unlocked vehicle on Rey De Copas Lane. The victim parked the vehicle outside of their residence overnight. The victim received a call about the citation the … Read More »

Corolla continues its evolution

Corolla continues its evolution iPod Support The Corolla is the all-time, best-selling car model in history. More than 40 million through 11 generations have been sold since 1966. The 2014 model has a level of technology and sophistication that would have been unheard of in 1966 and puts it near … Easy Cydia Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 5S,5C,5 iOS 7.1.1/7.1.2 or iOS ... Read More »

11 iPhone, iPad and iPod earphone remote tricks

11 iPhone, iPad and iPod earphone remote tricks iPod In amazes me that people invest a lot of money into their electronic gadgets and then fail to make use of a lot of the functionality that they've paid for. Take the Apple earphones — or EarPods as they are now called — with the remote control device … Always On ... Read More »

iPod-Connected Seniors Recharge Their Memories In "Alive Inside" Doc

iPod-Connected Seniors Recharge Their Memories In "Alive Inside" Doc iPod Rossato-Bennett decided to go big with the project after he looked through his viewfinder and watched an iPod transform a nearly comatose old man named Henry into a jubilant soul singer. "They rolled this guy into the room. He was in his nineties and … Apple's Newest Model iPod Touch ... Read More »

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