Wednesday , 17 January 2018

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Snapchat Memories finally let you save snaps for later

Snapchat been about ephemeral moments since its inception, but starting today the app is about to get a lot better at keeping tabs on your past too. With Snapchat’s new feature called Memories, the app now lets users save Snaps and Stories so you can use them in the app later. To access the new Memories section, simply swipe up ... Read More »

Apple unleashes more betas for iOS, OS X and tvOS

Developers got an exciting new batch of iOS 10 and macOS betas yesterday, but Apple is still working on new updates for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. Apple seeded the fifth betas of iOS 9.3.3 and OS X 10.11.6 to developers and public testers this morning, along with a new build of tvOS 9.2.2 just for devs. The ... Read More »

How to stop iPhone sending message: Stop a text from being delivered

Is it possible to stop a message from being delivered on the iPhone? Short guide: If you’re looking to quickly stop a message from being delivered, quickly open the Control Centre by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen and toggle Airplane Mode on. If performed quickly, your message will display as undelivered and you can prevent it from sending ... Read More »

iPhone 7 to start at 32GB | New iPhone 7 photo leaks, may not be what it seems

When will the iPhone 7 come out? (And when will the iPhone 7 launch in the UK?) What new features and design changes are expected in the new iPhone for 2016? And what will Apple’s next iPhone be called? Will it be iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone mini or something new? Read on to find out ... Read More »

Stop iOS nagging you to update

Is your iPhone constantly asking you to update? If you don’t want to update to the latest version of iOS, and want to stop iOS trying to force you into an update, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how to stop your iPhone trying to update. Apple likes to make sure you’re on the latest ... Read More »

How to wirelessly charge your iPhone: Wireless charging could be coming to the iPhone 7, but why wait when you can use it today?

Wireless charging has been a feature of many Android smartphones for some time now, but the technology has yet to make an appearance on Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone. Rumours suggest it might make an appearance on theupcoming iPhone 7, but nothing has been confirmed. While it’s arguably not a big deal to some people, there are others that would ... Read More »


Promoted pins bring advertisers’ logos into navigation, trip planning and map searches Later this year, Google Maps users will start seeing new ads as they’re driving down the road and planning trips using its mobile app. The company announced a new promoted pins feature on Tuesday that will show users special pins on the map with a brand’s logo in ... Read More »

iPhone 7 case leak indicates a total of 4 speaker grilles, new larger rear camera and flash design

An unusual iPhone 7 leak is making the rounds today, showing some changes that have not be seen before. An Italian case manufacturer is showing a potential chassis design that features ‘four speakers’ and new layout for the rear camera and flash, including a hole for a larger aperture (via NowhereElse). As pictured, there are two speaker grilles cut into the top of the case and another two ... Read More »

Former Google CEO admits to using iPhone 6s

Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt has finally come clean to his long love affair with iPhone. The former Google CEO was spotted using an iPhone to take pictures in South Korea earlier this year and was finally confronted about using the enemy’s device at a CNBC’s Startup Fest in Amsterdam this week. Schmidt admitted that he does use an iPhone and ... Read More »

Hesperus is a free, easy-to-use and customizable HomeKit app for iPhone

Early adopters of Apple’s HomeKit home automation framework tend to notice one thing early on: there’s no real UI beyond Siri. HomeKit helps bridge functionality between various smart home accessories which tend to each have their own connected apps using Siri, but Apple hasn’t released a Home app in the same way it made Health for HealthKit. Instead, users rely ... Read More »

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