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iPhone 7 case leak indicates a total of 4 speaker grilles, new larger rear camera and flash design


An unusual iPhone 7 leak is making the rounds today, showing some changes that have not be seen before. An Italian case manufacturer is showing a potential chassis design that features ‘four speakers’ and new layout for the rear camera and flash, including a hole for a larger aperture (via NowhereElse). As pictured, there are two speaker grilles cut into the top of the case and another two ... Read More »

Former Google CEO admits to using iPhone 6s


Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt has finally come clean to his long love affair with iPhone. The former Google CEO was spotted using an iPhone to take pictures in South Korea earlier this year and was finally confronted about using the enemy’s device at a CNBC’s Startup Fest in Amsterdam this week. Schmidt admitted that he does use an iPhone and ... Read More »

Hesperus is a free, easy-to-use and customizable HomeKit app for iPhone


Early adopters of Apple’s HomeKit home automation framework tend to notice one thing early on: there’s no real UI beyond Siri. HomeKit helps bridge functionality between various smart home accessories which tend to each have their own connected apps using Siri, but Apple hasn’t released a Home app in the same way it made Health for HealthKit. Instead, users rely ... Read More »

Apple to revamp App Store browsing, perhaps with paid search results


One qualm many have had about the iOS App Store is that the search functionality is currently a less-than-stellar way to peruse through the millions of apps available for users. According to a new report from Bloomberg, however, Apple is working behind-the-scenes to explore a handful of changes for App Store search. The report explains that Apple has started a secret ... Read More »

Apple to drop aluminum iPhone casing in 2017 in favor of new ‘all glass’ enclosure with AMOLED screen


In a new report by KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, the reliable Apple analyst claims that the iPhone will be seeing a major redesign in 2017, dropping the iconic aluminum casing for an all-glass enclosure with AMOLED screen. This follows on from another of Kuo’s reports in late March, where he first suggested Apple will return to an iPhone design akin to the iPhone 4. It does ... Read More »

Apple drops price of iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 in Japan by 10%


Apple has cut the price of its iPhone lineup in Japan including the brand-new iPhone SE, by approximately 10% across the board. The price drop can be seen online on Apple’s Japanese storefront, via Macotakara. A 16 GB iPhone SE was selling for 52800 yen (483 dollars). The new price from today is 47800 yen (437), representing an approximate $50 saving in ... Read More »

Sketchy rumor suggests iPhone 7 could feature flush touch-sensitive Home button, waterproof and dustproof casing


The iPhone 7, expected to debut later this year, is not believed to be a major design overhaul from theiPhone 6s, but that doesn’t mean it won’t include some substantial exterior changes, at least according to one sketchy Chinese rumor site. The reports indicate that the iPhone 7 could feature a digital touch-sensitive Home button, essentially making the iPhone front completely flush, replacing the ... Read More »

iPhone Upgrade Program now available from Apple’s online store


With the launch of the iPhone 6s last year, Apple also introduced the iPhone Upgrade Program, a way to make installment payments on a new iPhone and upgrade every year if you’d like. And starting today, it’s available online. You can now enroll in the iPhone Upgrade Program when buying an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plusfrom Apple’s online store. ... Read More »

What’s your favorite Android feature?


More than any other mobile operating system out there, Android has felt like a developer’s experiment unleashed into the real world, to get continuous, real-time feedback in an effort to make it the best possible OS available. Google’s mobile OS has come such a long way, with plenty of rough patches and hurdles over the years, to become what it ... Read More »

Who is buying Apple’s 4-inch iPhone?


iPhone SE might be helping Apple attract more new users from Android compared to previous recent iPhone launches, according to the latest data on sales of the new device from Slice Intelligence. Specifically, Slice points to the higher number of SE buyers coming from Android compared to the iPhone 6S: Early data from Slice Intelligence indicates that the SE may ... Read More »

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