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 How to update to iOS 9 on iPhone & iPad (and why you should upgrade) 

iOS 9 has arrived. Find out whether you should update your iPhone or iPad to Apple’s new iOS 9 operating system, the pros and cons of making the upgrade, whether your device can update its software without slowing down, and how to install iOS 9, in our complete guide to iOS upgrades. How can I get Apple’s new iOS 9 operating ... Read More »

Mysterious new chip has been discovered on a leaked iPhone 6s display component

As various iPhone 6s parts continue to leak out like crazy, a source provided MacRumors with new high-quality images and information pertaining to a screen assembly on Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’. The claimed part is slightly heavier and thicker than on the iPhone 6, but the biggest takeaway is a mysterious new chip which seemingly confirms that Force Touch is coming to the next iPhone. ... Read More »

Apple refutes survey that says Apple Music users are jumping ship

Apple Music’s panoply of bugs, cluttered user interface and overall instability has given the service a bit of a bad reputation in its first few months, but that doesn’t appear to be driving away users. In a statement given to The Verge, Apple says that 78 percent of users who signed up for Apple Music are still using the service. ... Read More »

PSA: Apple will replace your iPhone 6 Plus’ wonky camera

Did you buy an iPhone 6 Plus sometime between last September and this January? Do you notice that your shots taken with its back camera come out all blurry? Yeah, it’s not just you. Turns out, a limited number of these phones shipped with a manufacturing defect. However, Apple is aware of the issue and has already begun issuing replacementsfor ... Read More »

Apple brings iPods back from the brink of death with long-awaited overhaul

Apple announced today the first major update to the iPod touch in nearly three years. The company also updated the iPod nano and iPod shuffle with new colors, but not much else. The iPod nano’s interface looks dated today While the iPod touch maintains the same screen size as previous models, it got Apple’s latest A8 processor (also found on the ... Read More »

Apple: 16GB Storage Frees Up Resources

While we pretty much love everything that Apple does here at Daily iPhone Blog, there are some aspects of the company that still mystify us. Chief among those and a regular debating point in our office is why the company persists in offering 16GB as a base storage (for the iPhone and iPad) in a world where people consume media ... Read More »

Report: Apple and Samsung in talks to adopt e-SIM technology

The Financial Times reports that Samsung and Apple are both in talks with the GSMA, the mobile telecom telecom industry association, to begin employing electronic SIM cards in their mobile devices. Electronic SIMs (or e-SIMs) differ from their physical predecessors in that they don’t lock users into a specific carrier network and would allow them to switch any device between ... Read More »

Apple unveils update iPod touch with Apple Music support

With Apple Music available, Apple needed something to show off its capability and what better than the iPod. Apple today updated its iPod touch family with a new processor, colour options and support for Apple Music service. The new iPod touch now uses Apple’s A8 processor, the same used in iPhone 6 along with M8 motion coprocessor for fitness tracking. ... Read More »

Apple makes an Android app — to help Android users switch to iOS

Android users who were waiting for bigger screens, smartwatch compatibility or a better virtual assistant before moving to iOS may now be looking to switch. And Apple is planning to make it easy for them. “Move to iOS,” created by Apple, is an Android app that transfers contacts, message history, photos, video, mail accounts and other items stored on your phone to your new iOS ... Read More »

Apple to have Record Second Quarter, Over 51 Million iPhones to Sell

  Apple enjoys profit making quarters constantly, the company is a success every period, but the last two have been especially amazing with the company smashing records during Q4 to end last year and then broke its own best for a first quarter. It comes as little surprise then that analysts are saying Cupertino will continue its record breaking run ... Read More »

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