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Wanna banish autoplay videos from your browser?

We’ve all been there: You’re casually surfing the web when your speakers suddenly start booming with the sound of a video you never asked to play. Ugh. Talk about obnoxious. Awful as they may be, unfortunately, autoplay videos are all the rage right now. Visit many a major news site (hi, CNN!), and you’ll quickly discover that clicking on a ... Read More »

New EU rules will remove ‘geoblocking’ so customers can use online subscription services, like Netflix, abroad

The European Union is laying out plans to enforce new laws that breakdown geographical barriers for online subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple Music. When the new regulations come into effect in early 2018, online services must provide a service to its customers regardless of their current location, as long as they stay within the EU. For example, This means that a person ... Read More »

Square launches new iPad-based point-of-sale service for retailers with 30-day free trial

Square is releasing a new iPad-based point-of-sale solution called Square for Retail that includes “a complete package of business tools built to work together seamlessly.” The point-of-sale package starts with a new iPad app launching today called Square Retail. Square says its new Retail app includes point-of-sale features as well as a “search-based interface for faster checkout and bar code scanning to quickly ... Read More »


The job of an editor is often unglamorous. In addition to guiding the creative process and making sure writers stick to each publication’s style, there’s the thankless task of cleaning up copy once the deadline has been met. There are several good Mac utilities to make this less of a chore, but only one also works on mobile devices. Smart ... Read More »

iPad Pro 9.7in review

Price RRP: £499 (32GB, Wi-Fi), £619 (128GB, Wi-Fi), £739 (256GB, Wi-Fi), £599 (32GB, cellular), £719 (128GB, cellular), £839 (256GB, cellular) Pros Rear flash and much improved cameras Super-fast processor Option to use Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Thin and beautiful Pink colour option Cons High price (even higher than at launch) Smaller Smart Keyboard isn’t easy to type on accurately ... Read More »

iOS 10 compatibility: Will your iPhone and iPad support the new iOS 10 update?

The wait is over… well, sort of. Apple has officially unveiled iOS 10, but the new iPhone and iPad-friendly update won’t hit your device until later this year – sometime in the autumn, to be slightly more precise. Ensure you opt for the now downloadable iOS 10 public betathat is. With new iOS 10 features aplenty on their way – we’re talking ... Read More »

Screens 4 for iOS brings new Curtain mode, improved keyboard support, visual tweaks, much more

Since learning to trust my iPad Pro to do more of the tasks my Mac usually handles, Screens VNC has been a critical piece of the equation. iPads can be just as powerful as Macs on paper and also do things Macs never could, but iOS still has software limitations that make OS X a requirement for me. I’ve been using Screens ... Read More »

iOS 9 climbs to 84% adoption, Apple ramps iOS 10 testing ahead of WWDC

Although Apple usually updates its iOS adoption statistics on a fortnightly basis, the company had strangely stopped updating its iOS chart last month. As iOS 9 growth appeared to have stalled, perhaps the numbers simply didn’t change significantly in that time. However, this week Apple hasupdated the chart with a significant jump, now reporting iOS 9 was seen on 84% of active devices as of April 18th. With ... Read More »

The Dux for iPad Pro is a lightweight, rugged case with a handy Apple Pencil holder

Ever since the iPad Pro came out, it seemed like an obvious third-party accessory would be a case that could also hold a Pencil. However, six months on, the number of iPad Pro cases with good Apple Pencil compatibility is still pretty small. You are by no means spoilt for choice if you are looking to buy an iPad Pro case with ... Read More »

8 annoying iPad Pro problems, and what to do about them

The iPad Pro’s large, 12.9-inch display, split-screen multi-tasking support, and 10-hour battery life are tempting millions into buying Apple’s biggest tablet ever. It’s an attractive device for productivity and creativity, but it isn’t flawless. If you’ve splashed out on one, then you have every right to expect it to work perfectly. Sadly, for some people it has been behaving unprofessionally. ... Read More »

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