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FCC ends price caps on many business data lines

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to deregulate the providers of the business data lines connecting broadband service to many small businesses, schools, hospitals and ATM machines. The deregulation of business data services, or BDS, could mean broadband price increases for those businesses as well as for mobile phone customers, critics said. BDS provides the backhaul that connects mobile ... Read More »

Why We Can’t Stop Barking About This Smart Collar

Ten years ago the GPS in your car was a dash-mounted brick that might just steer you into a detention pond, but now directional navigation consists of a soothing voice providing real-time traffic updates and restaurant recommendations. The tech in human gadgets has improved dramatically, and GPS gear for man’s best friend has followed suit. The pet technology in the LINK ... Read More »

Use LinkedIn a lot? Read its new privacy policy — carefully.

He who pays plays. That seems to be the underlying thought behind LinkedIn’s new privacy policy and user agreement, both of which were updated Friday (April 21). And it’s an important thought to remember before you use your employer-paid-for LinkedIn account to investigate and/or apply for jobs with your company’s competitors. (Note: The changes aren’t slated to go into effect until June 7.) “You own your ... Read More »

Google’s new bet to win India’s next billion users: speaking Indian languages

Google just took another step in its quest of finding the next billion users in India. The company on Tuesday announced improvements to and expansion of Google Translate to better serve the non-English speaking users in the country. And there’s a good reason why. There are more non-English speaking users online in India than the English speaking users, Google said, ... Read More »

An Instagram bug is preventing users from temporarily disabling their accounts

An Instagram bug affecting some users is preventing them from temporarily disabling their accounts, TechCrunch reports. “Disabling” on Instagram works similarly as on Facebook, meaning that the account will be hidden as though it has been deleted. It temporarily hides all actions by that account including posts, likes, comments and the profile. Users have been complaining about the issue on ... Read More »

Phones that are even more curved than the Galaxy S8 are coming, but many issues still need to be solved

Smartphones are inching closer and closer to becoming pure slabs of glass. Just look at Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and its “infinity display” which covers 83% of the front or the LG G6’s “full vision” display and its 80% screen-to-body ratio. As futuristic as those phones look, they’re not quite fully bezel-less. They still have a slim “forehead” and “chin” to ... Read More »

Uber announces partners in its master plan for flying cars

Uber’s flying car plans are coming together — and it looks like it won’t be taking to the skies alone. The company’s aspiration to build an urban air transportation network took a major leap on Tuesday with its Elevate Summit event in Dallas. The three-day conference was billed as a chance to spread the news about Uber’s plans for its ... Read More »

A weird YouTube glitch has been causing alarm among popular vloggers

If you’re a YouTube creator who watched in horror on Wednesday as your subscriber count suddenly dropped by thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – in a matter of hours, then don’t be alarmed. Unless the quality of your videos has been particularly dire lately, or you did something to offend a large chuck of your fans, the sudden apparent ... Read More »

Apple v. Samsung patent case sent back to lower courts to determine if damages retrial is necessary

In what has become a never-ending patent battle, a federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered that the Apple v. Samsung case be sent back to a lower court. As noted by CNET, the district court will decide whether or not to hold another damage retrial or settle the case in another fashion. The Samsung v. Apple case will be sent back to where ... Read More »

The world’s smallest Apple IIe runs on a $9 chip

Ever wonder what it would be like to own a classic Apple IIe but didn’t want to spend a couple hundred bucks on eBay? You can now re-create the iconic Apple machine — and all you need it a $9 chip and a 3-inch display. Look at this tiny thing! The mini Apple IIe runs on the inexpensive C.H.I.P., which ... Read More »

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