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Amazon’s AI division is a revolving door of talent for Microsoft and Google

A recently released report shows that Amazon, over the last five years, has been involved in an AI-developer ménage à trois with Google and Microsoft. It turns out all three companies have a penchant for poaching talent in the machine-learning field from each other on a regular basis. Last month Amazon was looking everywhere to fill its open AI positions, and today there are 140 job openings on ... Read More »

After On Podcast: The Tim O’Reilly Interview

In this week’s episode of the After On podcast, I interview Tim O’Reilly – one of the most original and influential thinkers in tech. His new book, WTF, debuts today. And it doesn’t stand for what you think. We talk about that book, and about the future (that’s the ‘F’ in the acronym). And also about the past. Tim’s past — which will fascinate anyone interested in the ... Read More »

The Oculus ‘Santa Cruz’ headset will be the realization of a VR dream

Oculus gave more details about its its next-generation VR headset today at the Oculus Connect 4 developer conference. It also said the headset would become available “in the next year.” The catch: The headset is still a prototype, and it will only be made available to developers. The new headset, codenamed Santa Cruz, is the company’s first prototype headset with “inside-out tracking” ... Read More »

Intel Preps Morphing 5G Testbed

5G is coming fast. The next generation of global wireless networks is presumably going to power everything from huge networks of agricultural sensors and self-driving cars to augmented reality in homes. Today, Intel announced a test platform that will support the core radio technology for 5G—5G NR—this December, even though the standard won’t be fully baked until next year, and we won’t ... Read More »

New app uses smartphone selfies to screen for pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer has one of the worst prognoses — with a five-year survival rate of 9 percent — in part because there are no telltale symptoms or non-invasive screening tools to catch a tumor before it spreads. Now, University of Washington researchers have developed an app that could allow people to easily screen for pancreatic cancer and other diseases — ... Read More »

Sony now sells a true 4K projector for $5,000

Even the cheapest 4K projectors are still way more expensive than most top-of-the-line 4K TVs, but that’s slowly starting to change. Sony introduced a series of new 4K projectors today, and one of them — the VPL-VW285ES 4K HDR Home Theater Projector — sells for $5,000. That’s still really expensive, but it’s dramatically less expensive than most of the other 4K projectors ... Read More »

What Is Hypermobility? The Common Condition Affecting One In Five People

Do your friends ever comment on your weirdly bendy thumbs or the fact that you can touch the floor with your palms without bending your legs? As well as being a fun party trick, this may also a be a condition known as hypermobility. While for many it may be an advantage to be able to bend six ways from ... Read More »

Gene Editing Allows Scientists To ‘Delete’ Deadly Heart Condition From Embryo For First Time Ever

Scientists have successfully edited a human embryo to completely remove a genetic mutation that causes deadly cardiac disease, which can trigger the heart to stop beating suddenly. In the landmark trials, the US and South Korean team demonstrated how they can use CRISPR technology (a revolutionary tool used to edit DNA) to successfully free the embryo from a faulty piece of DNA introduced by ... Read More »

Here’s a look at the 56 new emoji that are headed to your phone

Pregnancy, wizards, water polo and an ape that may or may not be Harambe all feature in the upcoming emoji launch that’s soon to arrive on iPhone and other Apple devices. This week saw the Unicode Consortium release version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard – which is essentially the standardised emoji dictionary. The new selection of 72 images include a wider variety of food, ... Read More »

One year on, I went in search of the last trainers still hooked on Pokémon Go

Cast your minds back. They year is 2016. The time is last summer. Everyone has become obsessed with Pokemon again. It is exactly one year to the day that the beloved tiny fighting creatures were thrust back into the limelight. It is exactly one year to the day that Pokemon Go was released. The app had an immediately visible impact. You’d start to ... Read More »

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