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Android Studio offers a rich palette of development tools, and it’s compatible with many plugins. The first three articles in this series focused on basic tools for building simple mobile apps. Now you’ll get acquainted with some of the more advanced tools that are part of Android Studio, along with three plugins you can use to extend Android Studio. We’ll ... Read More »

Holiday Sale: Grab 30% off thin iPhone cases by totallee


The iPhone accessory market is crowded with overpriced and heavy-duty cases. One company, however, has spent the last couple of years specifically going against the grain. This week’s sponsor,totallee, an iPhone accessory startup based in Southern California, has been shaking up the industry by producing thin and affordable iPhone cases. For years, iPhone accessory makers have charged people upwards of ... Read More »

Tim Cook: The Apple Watch Is Fine


Back in October, it seemed like the smartwatch, specifically Apple’s variant, was as close to dead as a product selling over a million units can be. Market intelligence firm IDC reported that smartwatch sales were down across the board with the Apple Watch seeing a 71.6 per cent decline since last year. In a massive understatement IDC’s Jitesh Ubrani said, ... Read More »

Dishonored 2 review: Smarter, prettier and just plain better


Like its new protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, Dishonored 2 has a lot to live up to. She, of course, is the youthful Empress of the Isles and the daughter of its most feared and notorious assassin – Corvo Attano. Dishonored 2, meanwhile, is the sequel to a game many hold dear as a classic in a line stretching back to the ... Read More »

Penis envoy: Genital Jousting thrusts onto Steam


So, readers, tell us what you want, what you willy willy want. Is it a game about multicoloured members chasing each other’s scrot-bottoms? If so, then Genital Jousting may be for you. Yes, Genital Jousting is real, and it’s quite different from the kind which humans tend to involve themselves in before bed-time. For starters, there are lots of schlongs ... Read More »

Lego Dimensions writer posts Red Dwarf tease


Oh smeg- one of the designers at TT Games, the studio behind the Lego series, has teased UK fans with the possibility of a Red Dwarf entry in Lego Dimensions. Joe Moore tweeted a picture of Lister’s quarters recreated in Lego, alongside a pun of which we approve heartily: “Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for brick-fast”. Could it ... Read More »

This woman wants the internet’s help to open her cupboard


We often get stuck in awkward predicaments (oh hey, superglue) but in 2016, there’s only one way to handle it: share your pain on social media. And that’s exactly what this woman did when she was faced with the problem of opening her cupboard – yes, you read that right. Facebook user Tseng Shao-Tsen uploaded a picture to Facebook on ... Read More »

Nokia’s VR camera just got a huge discount


Thanks to technology companies harnessing the power of virtual reality, the real world continues to lose more and more humans each day. Nokia – the same company that provided just about everyone with the affordable and loveable brick phones in the early noughties – wants in on VR, but apparently won’t operate under the same business model for its virtual reality camera. The good news is that it’s ... Read More »

How to Nab a Cheap Roku on Black Friday


Roku has packed a lot of tech into its streaming sticks and boxes since they first went on sale in 2008. The most significant updates this year include 4K HDR streaming, available on the Premiere+$97.92 at Amazon. But the past eight years have also brought worthy competitors, including the Google Chromecast, which also now supports 4K streaming. So Roku must ... Read More »

‘Dashbot’ Keeps Your Eyes on the Road


In the ongoing battle to fight intexticated driving, Next Thing Co. (NTC) wants to put a robot on every car dashboard. The miniature Dashbot connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth to control music, maps, and messages with just your voice. Say “Dashbot, text Polly” or “Dashbot, play Barry Manilow,” and the artificial intelligence system will complete tasks while you ... Read More »

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