Tuesday , 19 November 2019

Twitter Blames Bug for NeedtoImpeach.com Error

Twitter on Monday said a bug prevented people from tweeting the URL needtoimpeach.com over the weekend.

“This was due to a bug that we quickly fixed as soon as we became aware of it,” a Twitter spokesperson said in an email.

Twitter users last night noticed that efforts to post tweets with the URL needtoimpeach.com were being rejected. “We’re sorry, we weren’t able to send your Tweet. Would you like to retry or save this Tweet in drafts?” the pop-up messageread. For a time, users got around the ban by tweeting with spaces in the URL.

Older tweets with the URL already in them remained on the site, but if you clicked on the URL, it directed you to a Twitter warning page that said “this link may be unsafe.”

Needtoimpeach.com is a website run by billionaire Tom Steyer, who has been spending his own money on an advertising campaign that’s calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Given the political nature of the site, some users accused Twitter of censorship.

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