Saturday , 7 December 2019

11 iPhone, iPad and iPod earphone remote tricks

11 iPhone, iPad and iPod earphone remote tricks

In amazes me that people invest a lot of money into their electronic gadgets and then fail to make use of a lot of the functionality that they've paid for. Take the Apple earphones — or EarPods as they are now called — with the remote control device …

Always On – Kids vs. the iPod Touch Ep 22 This week it’s an Apple unboxing party. Molly Wood opens up the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPod Touch, and more. Plus, we enlist…
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  1. we know that apple will always suck

  2. Aww I have an iPod touch 5g and I can’t get a phone. And I want the ipod
    beauty of its nude body design. Wish it was a bit more rugged.

  3. Maddie Rosepetal

    Not johnny!! O_O NOOOOO WHY KID WHY O_O XD

  4. is it on tv? and if it is what channel is it for AT&T

  5. Karina Castilleja

    I am seen this on ipadair

  6. 10:12 Shows her address. 

  7. Is this lady insane? She’s giving 2 ipod touches to toddlers and she’s
    telling them to destroy it? Man this lady is really stupid.

  8. ZOMBIEtrickshotsHD

    lol i was watching the unboxing of the makbook while on a makbook

  9. On c|net’s Always On (which you should probably be watching because it’s
    awesome) +Molly Wood has a little mini-rant about how home theater
    components should be *stackable*. EXACTLY! (I’m looking at you, Sling,
    Sony, Boxee, Samsung, and everyone else who thinks that cool home theater
    component shapes as a means of product differentiation are a good idea. *You’re

  10. Im watching this on my iPod touch 5g 

  11. Amberly Singer-Scully

    I drop my iPod 5 on the corner from 6 feet and it only has a scratch on it
    but you chucked it with force.

  12. poor ipods

  13. iOS7 is rubbish 

  14. Lol I Remember I dropped my iPod touch from shoulder height and I fell on
    the asphalt and destroy it the screen shattered ._.

  15. The drop 2 was more like a “screw you” drop

  16. 32=299
    In the NZ it’s 460 for 32


  18. Kostas Kagioulis

    7:08 I will never let you touch my iPod!!! :(

  19. 22:18 have sex!

  20. jenilee sloggett

    I am ten and for how much videos bore my this didn’t get to the point that
    my parents have to wake me up

  21. 14:02 lmao

  22. Mikey the PC MC pro

    it wouldn’t be as bad it you don’t throw it on the ground I have one and I
    have dropped it on the ground more than one time and it just has some dents

  23. I love that reaction at 5:35

  24. I drop my ipod all the time from like 4 feet and it survives it justs chips
    the metal on the body but it’s fine it’s a strong ipod for me!!

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