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OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone 4/4S – 1 Pack – Carrying Case – Hot Pink/White

OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone 4/4S – 1 Pack – Carrying Case – Hot Pink/White

OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone 4/4S - 1 Pack - Carrying Case - Hot Pink/White Editor’s Rating:
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This sleek and tough case protects from scratches, bumps and shocks. The new camera rivals point-and-shoot cameras on the market and deserves the level of protection only OtterBox delivers. With two layers of protection that work together to divert any impact force away from the device, your new iPhone is ready for anything. Ports are accessible and protected from dust and debris (view larger). Commuter Series Avon Foundation Breast Cancer “Pink is Strength” Edition This is the case you ne


  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Access to all buttons and features
  • Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports
  • Includes a self-adhering protective film

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What app will change the colors of the bubbles on your iphone 4?

I just got the iPhone 4, and I’m wondering how you can change the bubbles and/or background on the sms part of it? If so, what app is best?

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Answer by Kevin
try biteSMS and you can find it in here,1.shtml


  1. 879 of 901 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Defender or Commuter? An Honest Opinion, March 7, 2012
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Protecting a $200 phone is quite a formidable task and a lot of cell phone case companies do not seem to understand protection. They strive for style, design, and aesthetics. To me, this is all nonsense. Otterbox understands the principle of protection better than any other company making these types of products. Fuction is what I am looking for and and this company produces fuctioning cell phone cases. These 4S generation cases share an improved design, mainly with the camera area. I think people were complaining about shadowed pictures and video due to the tight camera cut out. They widened it to ensure the new 8MP camera with not be hindered by a design flaw.

    First, the defender technically provides more protection than the commuter and also comes with a handy holster with a clip. However, the defender is bulky and the port covers do not stay as well as the model for the 3GS. Also, I am not a fan of the defender because of the screen protector it comes with. Eventually, particles of dust or grit will work their way into your case and be sandwiched between the screen and the hard plastic film. Then, friction from your finger will scratch the screen up pretty bad (this happened to me). To make matters worse, I put a Zagg shield on it and it basically fused with the screen protector on the defender. I needed to pry the phone off the case and, while doing so, lifted the glass of the phone, creating permanant air pockets in my screen. Not a good scenario at all. The anti-glar films sold at the apple store, however, work fine because they have a smoother, less sticky surface. I would not reccomend this case at all, though, without these screen protectors because without a screen protector, air bubbles will form and distort your view and scratches on the screen will occur. But, if you work construction or another potentially hazardous job, this case with the anti-glare screen protectors may be a better choice then the Commuter series of cases.

    The Commuter, on the other hand, offers a balance between versitility and protection. With this case, I can use my Zagg shield and is not peeled up by the case like many do. Also, I love the soft shell on the inside and the hard shell outside. The soft inner allows the port and button covers to be attached to the case and function propperly. This also helps absorb shock. The hard shell allows the phone to slide in and out of pockets very easily, even out of tighter jeans. In addition, it has a much thinner profile than the defender but still provides adequate protection. The ports are still protected from water and it can take a tumble. I’ve dropped my 4S about 4 times with this case on it, on hard surfaces from pretty significant hieghts (5 feet or so on some) and the case barely even shows it let alon the phone wrapped up inside. Also, by flipping the phone face down, the exposed inner rubber case prevents it from slipping if you needed it to stay put, for instance, in a car. For the average person, the commuter is the superior choice.

    However, both cases with the lighter colored silicon soft shells, like white and grey, get dirty easily. They even get stained from dye in jeans. Not a huge deal to me, but might be to some. Overall, these are the two best cases on the market for the iPhone and believe me, I have researched and read up on them all. You must simply decide what your needs are for a case and make your decision.

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  2. 502 of 523 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best iPhone 4S case in the market!, December 12, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I am very experienced with all the iPhone Otterbox case designs (the defender series, commuter series, and now the APL4 Commuter series) because I have purchased all three, the first two for my iPhone 4 and then the last for my iPhone 4S. I would definitely have to say the Otterbox APL4 Commuter Series Hybrid Case is the best fitting, most protective, and most practical case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.
    The defender series is just too bulky, it takes away from the sleek slim look of the iPhone. My defender series actually broke a few months after purchasing from normal wear and tear, even though that series is supposed to be the best protective.
    The first generation of the commuter series was a very good case. It was slimmer, while still being protective, but it didn’t fit as well as I would like it to.
    Now to the Otterbox APL4 Commuter Series Hybrid Case. It just topped the other otter box cases by far. The case fits perfectly and looks great. It show the slim and sleek look of the iPhone 4 but still protecting it. With the hard plastic outer case it doesn’t stick when you try to put it in your pocket or pull it out. With this case you can drop it on pavement without breaking (none from experience). Therefore, I highly suggest iPhone users to buy this case over any others. Don’t waste your money on the other cases like I did and go with this one.

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  3. 161 of 171 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Pretty good, November 25, 2011

    I bought this for my iPhone 4S. I am happy with the case. The color does not look exactly like the picture, however; the case is actually a lighter blue and not as green. Still, it looks really nice and goes great with my white iPhone. I gave this case 4 stars instead of 5 because the plastic is slippery– I was hoping it would have more grip. I feel like it could easily slip out of my hands. Additionally, it takes some effort to get the silicone to align with the plastic, and it never exactly lines up quite right, leaving gaps and slightly sharp edges where the two materials meet. This is barely noticeable though.

    What I like about this case is that it feels sturdy, yet it isn’t so bulky that it cannot fit into my tight jeans. I obviously try to avoid dropping my phone so I haven’t seen how well it protects from impacts. Still, I’m pretty confident it’ll protect my phone when I inevitably drop it. The silicone plug covers are nice, although the USB cover never seems to fit quite right. Also, the USB cover makes it impossible to dock the phone into an ihome unless you take the case off. Also, the hole on the back of the case that exposes the apple logo leaves the back vulnerable to scratches. I already have a front screen protector so I cut a hole in the back of the otterbox screen protector for the camera and put it on the back of my phone to protect from scratches.

    Overall, I would recommend this case to friends and am happy I purchased it.

    !! UPDATE: So I’ve been using this case for about a month and I have to say I still love it. I’ve dropped it a couple times from waist height onto both tile and hardwood, and the case fully protected my phone. The case is also in perfect condition despite the drops. I recommend this case to clumsy people like myself. 🙂

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